We want to create even better games by polishing them closer and closer towards perfection.

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Enter a world of wealth! Play poker in luxurious locations, compete worldwide and impress with your Fortune Item collection. Can you become the wealthiest player of your home city or country? Start gathering Wealth and Fortunes and rise to heavenly riches!

Poker Fortunes is available on Facebook Canvas, iOS & Android, and will make you wish life was always this glamorous.

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Discover epic worlds as Eve, the embodiment of the first story ever told, and recover what you have lost on a legendary journey through forgotten myths. As you dash through mythological realms, you will meet both mighty gods and fearsome foes while you learn how to unleash your full potential by drawing magical symbols on your touchscreen.

Spiralways is a story-driven runner mobile game available for free on iOS and Android and is currently in soft launch in Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and the Nordic countries.

Begin your legendary journey today!


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Evil radioactive zombie flies are coming and need to be tapped to teeny-tiny bits by you and an army of bees.

Lead your bee troops to victory and rid the world of buzz-ugly flies once and for all. Venting out your rage has never felt so good!

Battle Buzz is an action mobile game available for free on iOS and Android and is currently in soft launch in the UK and Finland.

Buzz in and tap out!


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The brain-training Bubble-popping game that keeps your mind sharp with levels of challenging fun.
Train your brain while enjoying our ever-changing backgrounds and Bubble themes.
Play with friends and family, play Team IQ challenges and compete to become
The King or Queen of your city!


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Aapeli is our online gaming site, with over fifty fun browser games to play.
Card games, mini-golf, pool, word games and so much more. Aapeli is our original home for online entertainment.

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Are you a diamond in the rough? Do you have passion for games and talent for crafting them?
Are you eager to join our brilliant company? We offer an opportunity to work in an
internationally growing game studio that employs over 40 professionals.

Please send your open application to:

NAMIDA DIAMOND FACTORY LTD | Tel +358 9 231 651 72 | PRESS: | press-kit


Kaivokatu 10 A 00100
Helsinki, Finland


Pakkahuoneenkatu 20 A 20
90100 Oulu, Finland


Väinö Linnan aukio 15
33210 Tampere, Finland

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